In the south of Romania, in the village of Ciolanesti, in September, people celebrate Virgin Mary.

On that occasion, the local photographer puts up his self-made studio in a tent. This gives the same background, the same accessories, the same framing.

The photographer has intended to get into this frame and into the intimacy of that social group. She asked each family for old pictures taken between the 1950 and 1980.She has “remade” them today with the same people, the same accessories and the sometimes similar clothes.

This series, full of human feelings, is an attentive look at the strength and the fragility of the human being. Time passing by, years are fading away and are being redrawn. Time is passing by and is leaving us alone with our own image. It is stealing our youth and our strength of former days. It is on the look-out for any sign of weakness. Wrinkles around the eyes; and memories in our harts.


Dana Cojbuc