Romanian photographer born in 1979 based in Paris, France.


She is an European who has earned several scholarships in Greece, Germany, Austria and France, tried her hand at journalism, coordinated European artistic projects whilst continuing to construct a body of photographic work.


I started photography in Ciolanesti, a small village in the south of Romania where people are always around, where streets are alive and where the sounds of farm animals never cease.

I have not lived there for a long time but I keep going back, as I am drawn in by a kind of familiarity with these people that I don’t have contact with, but who are not strangers either.


In my work, I stage images that allow the viewer to escape from everyday life. Beyond the silence of an image, I try to make people smile or feel a breath, a movement.


Stirred by coincidences, impromptu encounters, and the small things of life, I choose remote landscapes to tell stories that seem unreal, and sometimes utterly funny or absurd.

I am playing with drawing to add another dimension to my photographs and to go beyond the frame of the image. I like the idea of inventing ways to surprise reality in photography, then letting it grow into yet another reality through drawing; building pathways to invented landscapes.

Dana Cojbuc