Sexy ladies




This series of photographs from Romania defies preconceived images. Far away from the spotlights and makeup, the countryside air blows through their hair and blushes their cheeks. Using their assets they give themselves to the photographer and transcend their own limits. With humor and irony they are breaking all the taboos.


Charming, naughty and flirtatious, audacious as well as gentle, slightly spicy and very wicked, they’ve got a teasing sensuality. Totally staggering, these models from Ciolanesti dare to defy the lens being pin ups for a day. Surprising and endearing, Stela, Ioana, Maria, Leana, Zoia are offering us the image of women ravaged by time, but not having forgotten their weapons of seduction.


Just for a moment, the role of wife and mother gives way to that of a woman. Instinctively, they adopt a podium attitude and let the light sublimate their forgotten bodies. 


Alice Frech

Dana Cojbuc