Winter Tale


Fine Art Print on Kozo paper and drawing

50/60 cm

Staged in the pristine white of a Romanian winter, in the village of my childhood, my photos wisper a tale about freedom. The freedom of childhood, of being at home in the fields surrounding the village, of moving away from the house and of taking paths that can lead far away.

This winter tale is made out of many threads: a child’s wanderings in a nature without any boundaries, wooden constructions like sketches on the white of the sorroundings, trees and plants that rise from the snow, some villagers.

Freedom is emphasized by the drawing. From the white of the snow to the white of the paper, I added some pencil strokes that open up the story even further, beyond the frame of the image. During this trip to Wonderland, the main character is taken by surprise by unexpected encounters, and over the course of his journey gets to meet other people, smugglers to unknown places.

Dana Cojbuc